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Hello, it’s me, Jamal …


My name is Jamal. I am a (toy) camel so I find it difficult, if not impossible, to write my own travel blog. This is where my travel companion, Charles, comes to my assistance. We have been traveling together since 2005. Charles adopted me from Dubai Duty Free at the Dubai International Airport on our way to Thailand. Since then, every time Charles goes to an interesting location he takes me with him.

Charles is from South Africa. He is a Chartered Accountant but has an interest in travel writing, photography and video creation. Charles and I have lived in the United Arab Emirates since July 2006. We currently live in Abu Dhabi.

So why Jamal? Having lived in the Middle East since September 1996, between Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Charles named me after the Arabic word for camel. How clever is he? And how original you might say.

We learned early on in our travels that you get what you pay for. As such our travel style is distinctly luxurious. We try to avoid cheap hotels if we can. We learned that lesson when we went on vacation from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and also to Qatar.

Charles is a member of various loyalty programs (too many to count he tells me). He prefers to select an airline or hotel brand at which he can earn points.

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Kind Regards, and Safe Travels,

Jamal and Charles.