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Thimphu General Post Office — make yourself into a stamp

Are you looking for something unique to do in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan? How about making your favorite photo into a postage stamp that can be used to mail postcards to your friends back home? Then you should visit the General Post Office in Thimphu.

Make sure you have your favorite photo on a memory card or flash drive so they can copy it and print it for you. Assuming the line is not too long the whole process takes around 15 minutes. What they will do is print your photo onto perforated paper that you can then tear into individual stamps.  You will receive eight 20 ngultrum stamps and four 10 ngultrum stamps, totaling 200 ngultrum. All you do is pay the face value of the stamps.

This is a popular tourist activity in Bhutan. The line is generally not too long apparently. This is the only country in the world where I have seen the General Post Office making stamps out of people’s photograph. Use the stamps to mail postcards to yourself to create unique travel memories from your time in this beautiful country.